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Workshops: Crafting for Australian Animals

Like people around the globe, we've been horrified by the news and images of the bushfires raging across Australia. However, unlike most people, we also have the luxury of a nearly empty language school (we don't get many bookings at this time of year): we've turned our premises into a sewing, knitting and crocheting workshops space, where people who know what they are doing can drop in to make the craft objects needed by the injured animals in Australia, including birds nests (crocheted), small marsupial pouches (kitted and sewn) and larger marsupial pouches (sewn).

By the way, if you are local, but don't know one end of a knitting needle from another - we could really use your help too: there's fabric to be cut and sewing to be trimmed: if you would like to be involved, we'd love to see you.

Join the Facebook group Crieff for Aussie Critters here.

Please also spread the word and let any crafters in your family know what we're up to - we're trying to reach people who may not be on social media (they're more likely to know how to knit!).

At Blue Noun we are also acting as a local drop off/pick up point for people wishing to donate fabrics to the cause & crafters are also popping in to collect patterns to sew/knit to in their own homes.

We'll be taking all the creations to a collection hub (Falkirk) for the 23rd of January. That hub will then be part of a world-wide stocktake to assess what is still needed, and announce that information back to crafting groups. (If you are something dropping off, please make sure it is well labeled, including what it is and what fabric).

If you can't join us, but do want to help, you can find out more here. Please be aware that there are very strict guidelines about fabrics and patterns. Do not freestyle it - it's not useful: the rescuers need crafters producing to tried and tested patterns so they know exactly what they are distributing.

Introduction Days 01 & 02

Here's a few images from our first two introduction days. It's relaxed, fun & friendly - as well as being for a right good cause. Come and join us if you can!

Demos and Skill Sharing

People who have dropped in to sew and knit have shared essential skills with our group. For example, the ARCCG request that all inner linings and some outer parts of the bedding that we are making are 100% natural fibres, however, some of the fabrics being donated have no labels on them. Fortunately Doreen knew a test. Take small fabric sample and (safely) burn part of it with a match. Artificial fabrics give off a plastic smell as they burn; and even ones that are just 5% man made fibre will burn leaving a tangible ridge on your remaining fabric sample. In contrast, natural fabrics feel soft and dusty.

Lesley Mac Makes

Lesley Mac of Lesley Mac Makes kindly came our first introduction event, and helped us work out the patterns (quite easy once someone shows you how) and very kindly did a sewing demonstration on how to make a joey pouch (thanks Lesley!).

Lesley frequently gives sewing workshops at her shop in Comrie - including to Blue Noun English language learners!

Other thank yous..

As usual, Strathearn is showing itself a small region with a big heart: we've had donations of wools & fabrics dropped off, and sewers and knitters dropping in to take them home to make with.

The House of Tartan, Crieff, has given us a huge bag of offcuts of their beautiful tartans which can be transformed in to the linings of nests and small marsupial pouches.

The Crieff Co-op donated and delivered two bags of coffee, tea, biscuits & fresh fruit to keep our crafters going.

Kath and Mo from Moka Pottery (Crieff/Cultybraggen) have been both the inspiration, brains and craft-skills behind much of our workshops (thank goodness someone knows what they are doing!).

Moka Pottery

(NB: Blue Noun also visit Moka Pottery with our language learning students, for a tour of the pottery and to Meet the Makers).

Here's our drop in times. If you can't make any of these, but still want to help, just contact us and we'll find you a slot.

Completion of the very first pouch!

Live language learning!

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