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The Wonderful Comrie Croft - it’s open again!

(Although on Sunday evening, after a bit of a rainy day, we had it to ourselves.)

In case you don’t already know, Comrie Croft is a spectacular visit, offering various ways to get the most out of a stay in Strathearn. You can hire mountain bikes (or bring your own), and explore tracks looping through the hillside and beyond. Likewise, it’s a great base for hikers too. There is a full range of accommodation choices: cottages, hostels bed or Nordic Katas - plus extensive areas for semi-wild camping (which is wild camping with hot showers!) It’s as private or friendly as you like, with quiet areas for families. (For anyone pining for this year’s lost festivals, a visit might be a good stopgap).

People are often first introduced to Comrie Croft as a wedding venue, returning again and again after discovering just how good base it makes for family holidays. At its hub there’s an eco lodge with excellent amenities - a farm shop stocked with camping essentials and top-quality ethical food. The Winter Cafe is truly amazing: with fabulous salads and home baking. (Tomnaha Market Garden provides organic produce for both the farm shop and cafe - take a tour of their farm while you are there!)

We love that Comrie Croft model how making environmentally friendly and ethical business a priority can be successful. Equally wonderful to us is how it offers everyone fairly easy (and comfortable) ways to connect with nature, including that essential experience of discovering it themselves: the quick joy of a kite sighting, or the rush of exhilaration as the rump of a deer crashes away from you through the woods. Whether you are experienced or just beginning your journey into appreciating and loving the natural world, a visit to the Croft offers much. For many, it’s an unforgettable immersion into nature - for more experienced naturalists, it’s a delight to see how cleverly the Croft works in conjunction with its natural setting.

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