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Tartan Tapas at Blue Noun

Welcome... This page is about a private event...current language students and invitees only!

On Saturday 25 January, English Language School Blue Noun (Crieff, Scotland) are celebrating Burns Night - (the anniversary of Scottish poet Robert Burns’ birth).

We're only too aware that shortly after, on January 31st, our nation is being taken out of the European Union, despite Scotland's vote to remain: so we want to make an event to celebrate our national history and culture (as is traditional on Burns Night) but equally match it with our pride in being an outward-looking, welcoming nation: one which is equally cognisant of the people and cultures that shape our nation today, including all our European friends.

It's time to come together and celebrate all the positives: it's time to have a party!

What is a Tartan Tapas?

At Blue Noun, we’ll be matching international flavours from around the globe with the traditional Burns night foods and customs (find out what is traditional here).

All food and drink should have a connection to Scotland - albeit a tenuous one. So far, we're planning:

  • Haggis/Veggie Haggis Pakora

  • Patatas Bravas

  • Turnip Dim Sum

If you are up for a challenge and can bring a dish - fabulous, but don't worry if you can't.

Don't relax though! We do ask everyone to find out about a Scottish writer (any genre) and (after a whisky or two) be happy to chat and share what you like about their work: anyone brave enough can do a reading...

R.S.V.P. so we can count our haggis (& haggises).

7-10pm, kids and partners welcome - just let us know numbers.

NB: tartan wearers get the good whisky!

Live language learning!

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