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Perthshire Open Studios Opens Up Old Doors

Actualizado: 13 de sep de 2019

At Blue Noun we’re busy touring Perthshire Open Studios.

Not only do we get to chat to lots of artists about their work, we get to visit and explore new parts of Perthshire and get into buildings not always open to the public.

Duncan McGregor (a silversmith) and Sarah Blackie (a ceramicist) are exhibiting in Strathearn's wonderful Tibbermore Church. Both these artists are worth seeing in their own right - but this gorgeous wee church was an unexpected bonus. Ordinarily, it's owners, the Scottish Redundant Churches Trust (SRCT), require that anyone wanting to enter the building first contact the church’s keyholder to arrange entry, but for this week, as well as seeing some quality art, you can explore this lovely old church, with early parts dating from 1630s.

For Outlander fans, Tibbermore church was in season 1 of Outlander in episode 11, “The Devil’s Mark”. It played the part of the court used in the witch trial.

Find out more here if you're interested

Live language learning!

Blue Noun is an English language school in Crieff, offering immersive English experiences around Strathearn, including a week travelling around Perthshire Open Studios meeting artists and learning about Contemporary Scottish Art.

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