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Meet our neighbours!

Catriona Davies and Mirela MacInnes from Can Do Crieff - a new community co-working space, and our neighbours on Lodge Street (which we now like to call, ‘The Creative Hub of Crieff’).

(Ok, for now it is just us who call it that, but as we have Blue Noun, Can Do Crieff and Strathearn Artspace sharing one block - we know good things are going to happen!).

For anyone who doesn’t know, community co-working spaces are where individuals or small companies can hire office space (including meeting rooms and teleconference facilities) to work from. It’s more than just desk space: Can Do Crieff is a place for networking, sharing and building professional relationships: which is exaclty the kind of professional experience we offer to our language students!

And Blue Noun will be inviting Can Do Crieff members in for a coffee, to socialise and talk with our language students on a regular basis.

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