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Glenturret Whisky Tasting at Blue Noun!

Last week we were lucky to have Jamie Morrison, Brand Ambassador for Glenturret come to Blue Noun and guide us through a whisky tasting - it’s a tough job our one, but someone has to do it!

Jamie demonstrated whisky tasting techniques and showed off the three brands he had brought with him:

THE GLENTURRET TRIPPLE WOOD EDITION, which is matured within 3 wood types - (American Oak, Sherry Seasoned and European) (oaky, sweet and citrusy).

THE GLENTURRET SHERRY CASK EDITION, matured in European oak Sherry seasoned Casks (sweet, spicy, with hits of vanilla).

THE GLENTURRET PEATED EDITION a combination of unseated style and a heavily peated spirit known as Ruadh Maor (sublimely smokey and sweet).

Blue Noun features and evening of whisky tasting on every course. Join us to compare, contrast and savour the beautiful flavours of each - and more!

We also include Glenturret Distillery tours as part of our Meet the Makers programme of activities. The Glenturret Distillery is just a short (and beautiful) walk from the heart of Crieff - and fantastic day out! (See our website for more details!)

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