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“For the Benefit of All” A Visit to The historic Library of Innerpeffray

Actualizado: 21 de nov de 2019

“For the Benefit of All”

A wonderful concept at any period in history, but truly innovative for its time.

The Library of Innerpeffray was Scotland’s first free public lending library. As a modern day visitor you can handle the same 16th and 17th C. books locals would have travelled miles to take advantage of the unique opportunity to borrow.

Books which include varied subjects including witchcraft, animals, farming, medicine, European history (and a more recently gifted collection of rare early Scottish books and documents).

As a visitor, you can enjoy the looping Heritage Trail to the River Earn and explore the whole site at Innerpeffray, which is seeped in tangible history, from Roman times to living memory, including St Mary's Chapel and graveyard and Innerpeffray School (the local school until 1947).

A view of ruinous Innerpeffray castle is also a short walk away, and the Roman road from Braco to Perth along the Gask Ridge (with its linked series of Roman forts and watchtowers) also passes through Innerpeffray.

But do leave yourself plenty of time to soak in the atmosphere of the old library before settling in with a book to actually spend time reading. It is this which will transport you into what at first feels like an alternative world - but which is revealed to us as exactly our own world - from another moment in time.

There are few historical sites which have offered such a strong and tangible taste of history: its experts and curatorship are superb.

Blue Noun English Language School visitors will have a guided tour of the whole site and an introduction to the collection by its staff - including the opportunity to discover antique books relating to their own country, interests or profession.

Live language learning!

Photos around Innerpeffray

Photos of The Library of Innerpeffray

The Library of Innerpeffray closes annually between November and February.

Find out more, including The Library of Innerpeffray's 'Book of the Week' here.

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