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Crieff Cowches

It's a play on words between 'Cows' and 'Couches,' - the Crieff Cowches project is a public art installation of 11 large-scale highland cows, each painted by artists and designers after a selection process based on proposals and designs.

It is being organised by 'Crieff Succeeds' as an initiative to attract tourists and attention to our town.

The highland cow has long been an emblem of Crieff, due to its history as a market town on a drover's route,

(A drover's route is a road or path where livestock was regularly moved along - often over long distances. Cattle were moved from the Scottish Highlands and Western Scotland for sale at Crieff markets - with as many as 30,000 cattle passing yearly through the town).

Blue Noun have teamed up with Claire Mullan - a local Herbalist (who you will likely meet on our course) (Claire presents a popular workshop for Blue Noun, introducing our clients to Foraging and/or Herbal Medicine).

Our collaborative proposal is called 'What Were the Fields Like When you Were Young?" - which is about species erosion, a subject close to our hearts - and one that we feel should be talked by a town-wide art project so intent on celebrating the past.

We'll publish our full proposal after the selection has been announced! Wish us luck!

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