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Christmas Magic at Crieff Hydro Hotel

Actualizado: 25 de dic de 2020

North Pole Trail, Crieff Hydro

It seems those visionaries, Kids' Week in Crieff have been waving their magic wands again, making good things happen for our community - this time by invitation from Crieff's Hydro Hotel, and in partnership with PKAVS Young Carers.

Together, this collaboration between luxury hotel and grass roots community groups have built a winter wonderland that is available both to hotel guests and residents of the Strathearn region.

North Pole Trail, Crieff Hydro

Start with a wander up to 'The North Pole', greet 'Room on The Broom' characters, and let it go through the 'Frozen' scene (yes, that Frozen), before being enchanted with a gorgeous fairy world.

If you have a bit of change in your pocket, you could treat yourselves to a hot chocolate (or a mulled wine) from the Hydro's beautiful 1950's vintage bus.

Hot chocolate pit stop, Crieff Hydro

There's extra treats and activities for hotel residents, and additional paid options to pre-book for locals, including an encounter with Santa and/or his reindeers, but there's a really generous adventure to be had for free - and it is obviously all the more special as there is so much that cannot be happening at the moment.

Like across the UK, the townspeople of Crieff have shown amazing ingenuity and fortitude during the social restrictions due to the COVID pandemic, with businesses and charities coming together for the same causes like never before.

Locally, we've seen pubs sponsor hot food deliveries to vulnerable people and StrathearnJAC (Junior Agricultural Club) teamed up with the Crieff Co-op to hand out selection boxes to the town's primary school-aged population.

During the first lockdown, with the Kids' Week Festival freshly cancelled, the KWIC team made sure that the magic still happened in town with their character trail.

Meet Santa, organised by StrathearnJAC and Crieff Food Co-op

The hydro is otherworldly, and although in Crieff, it offers a sublime getting-away-from-it-all experience that is separate from the town - and remoteness is part of its attraction.

However I wonder if they haven't they missed a trick by not making it more obvious that they got two community groups involved in this project - it would be great promotion for both Kids' Week in Crieff and PKAVs Young Carers if all their visitors were presented with a bit of information about these two charities. In this age, we like our businesses socially engaged, and in the battle for funding, website clicks and social media presence is vital for accessing sparse public funds. Would a reminder about these charities interfere with the escapism of a holiday, or make you feel more good about your stay?

Just in case you are not an age to get excited about Santa and Frozen, the experience of just wandering around the beautiful Hydro at dusk, hearing Christmas music being played by the bus and children whooping about as they discover Elsa standing in the dusk should not be underestimated: it's a truly magnificent, magical place to be!

Thank you Crieff Hydro, we had a fantastic evening out.

Kids' Week in Crieff, and Young Carers - you are angels!

Just for fun, here's a quick stop motion film taken at the Fairy Trail (and edited in FilmmakerPro).

Learn more about Kids' Week in Crieff here

Find out about PKAVS Young Carers here

Find out about the Christmas at the Hydro here

Find out about local causes community support by the Coop here

Merry Christmas from everyone at Blue Noun!

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