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Clathic Farm. A magical spot in Strathearn in the Perthshire Hills, with wonderful views down Glen Artney and Strathearn.
Clathic Farm covers around 220 acres of highland Scotland, and since 2012, has been home to a herd of up to 200 free-roaming red deer. 
Venison (deer meat), is one of Scotland's indigenous red meats. Low in fat, higher in iron than other red meat, and with omega 3 too – venison is sometimes called the 'king of meats.’
Join us to visit Clathic Farm, see the deer being fed and hear from the farm owners themselves about the production of the venison they rear and sell through the butcher counter of their shop, The Crieff Food Co.
Clathic Farm venison is also featured on our course.
 " Producing high quality venison as nature intended".
"Our deer live on the open hill, with large areas of pasture to graze on, rocky crags and woodland to shelter from the worst of the weather - and lochs to cool off in the summer".
"Our philosphy is to handle the deer as little as possible. We do not wean the calves off their mothers, but leave the herds to roam together (stags, calves, hinds and yearlings) as they would in the wild".  
"Culling is done on the hill by trained marksmen. The deer do not encounter any of the stresses of being transported to abattoirs. The meat is then sold locally  across the Strathearn Region".
"We have nurtured, loved and looked after these deer from the time we first saw the young animals."
All quotes on this page by Miranda Lansdale, Clathic Farm Owner
Blue Noun English Language School (Crieff) promotes the high-quality local produce that our region Strathearn offers in abundance - not just by sharing meals, demonstrations and tastings throughout our courses, but also by giving language learners the opportunity to visit working farms, distilleries, places of production, workshops and studios as part of their language learning experience.
Places where one can Meet the Makers and discover first-hand the stories and people behind the produce. 
Places which temporarily become professional contexts to practice English skills, such as listening comprehension, self-presentation language and question asking - as well as expanding your living knowledge and experience of various industries in the most interesting ways imaginable.
Blue Noun: Live Language Learning!
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