Meet the Makers Programme

al aprendizaje de idiomas en directo

Join us and meet local artist Kathy Collins at her beautiful woodland studio and gallery.
Kathy makes her artwork about the nature around her, celebrating its beauty and species diversity. Kathy uses a technique called cyanotype to produce some of her artwork. Cyanotype is a hybrid of printmaking and early photography techniques - with delicate and wonderful results which perfectly show the details of flowers, leaves, feathers and grasses.
Kathy also paints in watercolour. Her work is wonderful - as is her beautiful garden which runs alongside the river Earn. She regularly sees beavers, otters, salmon and trout, red squirrels and kingfishers.
Kathy has kindly invited Blue Noun English language School learners to her shop and garden: we'll meet Kathy, hear about her artwork and inspirations and (weather permitting) enjoy a secluded riverside picnic, surrounded by glorious nature in her superb wild, private garden.
 It's one of the most relaxing, tranquil parts of your language holiday!
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